Plotto is unique in that it is based on a video Q&A. The video question offers many opportunities:

  • Why not get a company spokesperson or representative to ask the question. This will help put a face to the company, demonstrating your culture and building a more intimate connection with your participants

  • You could be demonstrating a task or showcasing a new product

  • You could upload an ad, film or presentation in order to gain feedback

The video can be easily recorded within the system or uploaded if you have an existing file. Make sure that you have good lighting and the sound is clear - we recommend having a test run first. Many laptops have good enough webcams and mics so specialist equipment probably not necessary.

Plotto has a tool that allows you to input your script notes so you can see this whilst recording, so best prepare these in advance.

For more tips on how to best present yourself on video check out our blog on this topic: How to present yourself well on video.

You can see your video before sharing it and it is simple enough to do again if needed!