Supposing that you have a mobile app for running surveys, which you would like to embed with video functionalities.

The respondent should be able to answer to the survey questions in the mobile app and add one or more video responses.

A very common and simple use case is:

  • Survey Definition is done in the Mobile App backend
  • The Survey should be passed to Plotto as a new project, and from Plotto you will get a project_ID
  • In order to, send video responses from the Mobile App (or any 3rd party application/site), you need besides the project_ID also a cta_ID. For this, you just define a dummy one (or a real one, if you have it) and pass it to Plotto in order to get the cta_ID
  • Having both, project_ID and cta_ID, you can embed in the Mobile App a new <send contribution> function

Send contribution
There are 6 steps for enabling the Mobile App to send video contributions:
  1. Create contribution, returns contribution_id; see contribution/create
  2. Create upload job; returns upload_id; see upload/create
  3. Get upload URL; returns a signed url; see upload/aws-s3-sign-url
  4. Upload to S3  -> see AWS SDK Documentation
  5. Send progress; see upload/progress/status (optional)
  6. Submit the upload; see upload/submit
  7. Get contribution media data; see contribution/media/data
Steps 1-4 can be replaced by contribution/upload