This section describes key concepts that are used in the Plotto API.


There are three types of people who interact with the Plotto API who can be thought of as users:

  • Developers are software developers who build apps using the Plotto API.
  • Plotto users are software users who create videos and surveys in order to gather feedback and generate showreels.
  • Contributors or Respondents are software users who record response videos and answer survey questions.

Project / Survey

A project contains information to gather feedback on a particular subject. Each project can contain one or more calls to action (video requests), which are described in the next section. A project can have a template, which is a starting point with common features. Projects also contain attributes and survey questions. Attributes are standard questions for the contributor, which can be customized. They cover topics such as how much the contribute liked the subject, how relevant the information is to them, etc. The survey contains custom questions, and the answers can be in the form of strings, a range of numbers, or yes/no choices.

Video Request (or Call-To-Action)

A call to action is a collection of information to be presented to a contributor in order to receive feedback. It consists of a headline, a description, a video message and a survey. Like the project, the survey responses can be text, a range of numbers, or a yes/no choice.

Contribution (Response)

A contribution represents the video response and the survey data collected from a contributor. For each attribute and survey question, it will contain the values that the contributor selected.

Story (Showreel)

A story represents a collection of video responses from contributors for a given project which is "compiled" into a final video. From a project of different stories can be generated, or from multiple projects, one or more stories can be generated. A story can contain the whole video response or segments from a video response and the order of the videos/segments can be changed.