With the Plotto API, you can take Plotto’s video Q&A technology and embed it into your own app. Some example use cases include:

  • Integrating Plotto into Research platform used by Panel companies or research agencies
  • Customer Relations Management software that obtains feedback from customers
  • Enhanced  collection and analysis of market research data.
  • Video feedback and testimonials in e-learning /LMS systems
  • Prescreening candidates in the recruitment process; embedding in HR systems

The Plotto API gives you the ability to:

  • Create, retrieve, update, and delete projects, calls to action / video requests, user feedback (video responses & survey data)  and user stories
    • Send video/audio contributions
    • Send Survey Data
    • Retrieve contributions with attributes and survey data
  • Manage contacts, including groups of contacts
  • Manage users and passwords
  • Generate reports
  • Authorize YouTube channels to hold videos

The Plotto API uses an HTTP interface. Data is passed in through query parameters and POST body JSON objects. Data is returned as JSON objects. The URL indicates the resource and the action to be taken with that resource.

Base URL

The base URL for all API requests is:


HTTP Methods

The Plotto API uses two HTTP methods: GET and POST. GET is used for requests where data is returned. POST is used for all other requests, such as creating, updating, and deleting resources.

Developer Documentation

Updated developer documentation can be found at