The widget parameters enable you to customise your participants’ experience, for example ensuring that a video is submitted before progressing to the next question or allowing the participant to skip the video question. 

In our experience, the most effective customer journeys can be delivered simply using sendResponse, onEnd and uid.


These extra parameters should be added at the end of the frame.src

Widget parameter list

Parameters Example user cases Description and notes            
Allows you to create your own submit button and control the flow.
  • A function with the name specified by the param value will be created on the parent window after the iframe is loaded
  • Widget is displayed
  • Widget will not show any "SEND RESPONSE" button → the control for sending the response is taken by the host platform.
Allows you to expose different messages through the upload process, making sure the user is aware that the upload is still in progress. This should help encourage participants to not exit the page too early.
  • The name of the function in the parent window that will be called when there is upload progress.
  • It will be called with exactly one numeric argument, the value of the progress, starting from 0 to 100.
  • This function has to exist on the parent window in order to be called
  • It should be written by the host platform
Allows you to specify what happens when the upload is complete for example can be used to display 'Next step' or to mark the survey as completed (and this can be used with or without "sendResponse")
  • The name of the global function in the parent window that should be called when the contribution is uploaded.
  • This is an alias for onProgress(100)

There are error messages already coded within Plotto and this allows you to switch them on for your users. The errors are:

  • Oops, looks like that survey doesn't exist. Please check your link (error code: project-cta-not-found)
  • Sorry, that survey is now closed (error code: project-expired)
  • Oops, the survey you are trying to take is either no longer live or not available to you (error code: contact-not-found)
  • Sorry, looks like that survey is now closed (error code: invitation-locked)
  • Please record or upload a video before sending your response (error code: no-record-data)
  • You must upload a video file (error code: video-upload-required)
  • Recorded video size is too small (error code: video-to-small)
  • You are about to skip using the filtering questions associated with your contributions. This step is essential for the access to a rich Plotto experience associated with your content. You can’t revisit the contribution later to fill in the answers to these questions (error code: attributes-warning)
  • You have some unanswered questions. Please fill in all required questions (error code: survey-data-required)

  • The name of the global function in the parent window that should be called on upload error.
  • Should be specified only if you want to show the Plotto widget errors.
  • The widget itself shows those errors to the user, so it can be skipped
supressErrorDialog  It suppresses the Plotto error dialogue (for the case when the platform handles the errors using `onError` parameter for custom error display or custom behaviour)

Respondent properties
The respondent properties are optional; if the host does not send anything, Plotto will generate a uniqueID and will mark the contact as 'Anonymous'.

Description and notes            
unique contact identifier
email address
first name of the respondent
full name of the respondent (first name + last name)
age of the respondent
birth date of respondent in format YYYY-MM-DD
gender in format {male, female}
ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 ; example {GB, US}
ISO 639-1 ; example {en, fr}

Response properties

The response can be appended with tags.

You can add tags to the response/contribution. Example: ?tags=tag1,tag2, tag3 ...
 responseTitle  You can change the default response title (Response #01, Response #02 etc) by adding this parameter