You can create and edit the Contributor terms in Configure in the survey wizard. These will then be published for the contributor to see when they submit their response (their submission will be taken as acceptance of the terms).

It is your responsibility to lay these out clearly and adhere to them. To make it easy we have given a framework, you will need to input the following:

  1. What the Contribution will be used for and how it will be used
  2. Who will see the Contribution
  3. How long the Contribution will be used for
  4. What will happen to the contribution after this period
  5. What else is going to be done with that personal information
  6. How should the Contributor contact you to find out more (to include details on where Subject Access Requests should be made)?
  7. Any other information
Note if you do not complete any field then the following will be displayed to contributors For this information please contact <your name>