New surveys are created via the Surveys page - this is the first page you see when you log-in. Simply click on the plus button, give it a name and select the language for your responses.

Clicking through to your newly create survey, you will be on the Record page where the first thing you need to do is set up the survey request. You can input a title and a description - these are the introductory bits of copy that your participants will see.

You can choose to also include a video request in your question. This may be you or another team member setting the context for the survey (a great way to make the exchange more personal), a researcher setting the question or task, the demonstration of a new product or perhaps a marketing video or advertisement you want feedback on. 

If you do not want to include a video go straight to Next Step.

To include a video like this you have two options:

1) You can simply record your video within Plotto

Click on the Live Recording button to activate your camera. You will then have the chance to make sure you are happy with the framing and lighting of the shot (see our guide on Creating your Video Request in Tool Tips for more advice on this). Once you are happy click Record and talk away. To finish click Stop and note you need to remain on the page until the upload is complete.

There is a text field above the record area designed for you to input your video script or notes - this field is visible on screen as you record to help you keep on track but will NOT be included for survey participants to see.

2) Or upload an existing file

Click on Upload File to browse for an existing file, this should be an MP4 or MOV.

Once complete click on Next Step. You can come back and revise the video and associated information at any time.