Go to Home page and choose to Create New Survey or click on an existing one to edit.

The survey creation wizard will then take you through 3 steps to create your survey:

  1. Record
  2. Write
  3. Configure


In this section, you will give the survey a title and description and record your video request - see the Set-up a survey guide.


Write is the section where you create your survey questions.

You can start by editing the welcome and thank you messages. This is the copy that participants will see when participating and can be used to give context and make clear any expectations (especially useful if participants are being rewarded).

Then to create the survey, simply drag the question type you want from the left-hand side into the position you want it on the page. You can then type in your questions and answers, adding and deleting answer options using the +/x icons to the right.

You can configure your choices, options could include:

  • Choosing to Mark as Required - meaning users have to answer this question to progress. Note the Video request is automatically set as required.
  • Add an Other answer option
  • Allow more than one answer to this question - applicable to multiple choice questions

And don't forget to Save question once you have made you changes.

You can edit your questionnaire at any time using the four navigational icons for each question:

Plotto edit icons

  • Change the question text
  • Duplicate question
  • Delete questions
  • Drag to reorder your questions 

If you are not using Plotto to deliver your survey questions you will still want to edit the welcome and thanks message in this section.

This section allows you to customise the survey to best meet your needs. The first three fields are optional:
  • Alias - This is the survey owner name that the research participant will see. For example if you are a research agency running a survey behalf of Company X you may want their name shown at the top of thevsurvey, rather than yours which you used to register on Plotto. So you would type Company X  in this field.
  • Logo - for if you would like a logo displayed
  • Survey duration - you can set a start and end date if you wish. This will automatically close the survey outside of these times.

You can then set up the legal terms that contributors will be agreeing to by submitting a survey response. You are prompted to input the key information within this form, for example telling the contributor how their video response will be used. This information is required.

You can preview your survey using the Preview & Test button in the main navigation bar.

Note you can go back to these section at any time to make changes.